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Anonymous asked: Why are you so sad? :/


I changed. it wasn’t on purpose either , and I hate it so much

Anonymous asked: are you okay?




Being in love with the same person is an everyday decision, because you might wake up one day realizing that you don’t love the person you used to love before. It’s like when you stare at their photo you can’t feel anything.

No emotions.

No butterflies.


Haha let’s wallow in self pity.


”get your shit together, get your shit together, get your shit together”

I can’t.


I’m going to have to get used to the fact that no ones going to be there for me! I’m going to have to be there for myself and that’s going to have to be enough .


Constantly feeling unappreciated.


Sometimes I feel like I’ve finally accepted myself and who I am, but then the next day I feel like starving myself

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